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Wanna get in touch and let us know what you think of our subs, the shows we sub or anything related to the group?

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If e-mailing about the group then name the subject "To SCS-Works' ZERO_ninja" or I may over look it.

Kuuga Preview Released

Yep, here's the trailer/preview for our first announced project, Kamen Rider Kuuga.


As always, please use the DDL link and then help seed the torrent when possible.

Please feel free to leave feedback, both positive and negative.

EDIT : Updated trailer to v2, please follow this link: Kuuga Preview v2 Released

Kamen Rider Kuuga - Project Page

Project Information: 

Long ago, the Grongi Tribe were defeated and their leader was sealed in a cave by the warrior named Kuuga. In modern day Japan, researchers have discovered the tomb and unwittingly released the Grongi leader who, in turn revives his brethren and they begin killing humans. Godai Yusuke, a multi-talented young man is drawn to a mysterious stone belt that was also excavated from the ruins... 

Project Staff: 

Syochan : Raws, Translator, Typesetter, Post-Timer, Editor, Karaoke, Encoder, Notes, Distribution
ZERO_ninja : Raws, Pre-Timer, Editor, Encoder, Quality Checker, Notes, Distribution 
Breaker45 : Editor, Quality Checker, Notes, Distribution
cause_of_chaos : Quality Checker, Distribution

Lord & Lady Moonspeak
Skoll Sunman

Release History and Status: 

Preview Trailer (V2) - 31st August 2009
DVD 01 Extras - 4th October 2009 

#01: Revival - 6th September 2009
#10: Ferocity - 2nd November 2009 
#11: Promise - 15th November 2009
#12: Honoured Teacher - 18th November 2009 

#13 ~ 49 - pending 

Technical Information: 

Title : Masked Rider Kuuga
Japanese Title : Kamen Rider Kuuga
Genre : Tokusatsu (Special effects live-action)
Type : TV series
Episodes : 49
Date : 2000~2001
Source : R2J DVDs
Container : MP4
Video : 29.976 fps | H264 | 2000kbps | 640 x 360 (source 640 x 480 letterbox)
Audio : AAC | VBR
Subtitles : ASS Hardsub


You know the Drill

Hey! We're rolling (sorta)...

After what seemed to be ages since I actually created this blog, we're finally ready to do something.

A few things to know about our group;

*We have no schedules so do not ask, please.

*We won't throw a lot of notes on screen since most people will only need to read them once.

*Said notes will be collected in a continuously updated .pdf file located in the respective project page.

*Our releases will currently only be available in .mp4 format and will be PS3/XBox360 compatible.

*We will encode from our own DVD sources when possible at the best levels we percieve as practical.

*We're mainly located in the United Kingdom and our bandwidth isn't ideal. Because of that, it'd be appreciated if people use the DDL and help seed the torrents afterwards. Thanks.

That should be it for the major things so sit back and enjoy the ride...