Monday, 7 September 2009

Kuuga 01 released

Episode 1 of our first project finally rolls out of the gate.

Sorry about the split DDL but the filesize was too big for SendSpace's limits.
You shouldn't have problems if you use JDownloader, though.

As always, it'd be preferred if you can leech the DDL then help seed the torrent.

DDL : SendSpace Part1 / Part2
DDL Mirror : MegaUpload
Torrent : NyaaTorrents / TokyoToshokan


  1. Yet another group decides to take on Kuuga. You're gonna drop it before episode 10, just like every single other one. You should have started with 11, so we'd at least get one new episode out.

  2. Thanks alot! I hope you finish the series!

  3. Who subbed Kuuga up to episode 10? I only know that TV-Nihon dropped it at 4.

  4. I'll not worry about it. We're not working on anything else right now and we have all our DVDs for Kuuga. Though I can't guarantee a schedule for our releases, I can safely say that we have no real intention of stopping halfway.

  5. Do you have a general idea of how long it'll take for you to sub the whole thing? I'm in the middle of watching the HK subs right now, and I'm wondering if I should stop and wait for you to catch up or just continue watching HK if it takes a while.

  6. We don't really want to force any of the staff to stick to any schedules considering we're all doing this in our free time. However, I can say that we hope to (no promises) aim at releasing at least one ep per week.

  7. ungrateful people >.<

    thanks scs for subbing kuuga. i never planned to watch kuuga until i decided to watch your first episode out of blue... and i love every bit of it. great translations... great sub in general. keep it up and i do hope you'll finish this. please don't leave us hanging. LOTS OF THANKS.

  8. Congrats on your first release, guys. Although it was for just a short time, I'm glad to have been a part of it.

  9. thx for this release .. at last another group subs this series.. looking forward to the next eps until end..

  10. @x0x0

    It's not ungratefulness, it's understandble pessimism. So many groups have tried to sub this show, and none of them have ever got past 10.

  11. Even if it's understandable, it's still unfair to expect us to pick up the slack from the other groups that abandoned it.

    We aim to sub Kuuga completely our way, not to finish someone else's work.

  12. Thanks for starting this project!

  13. @SCS congrate for you first Kuuga :) I never dream that I can watch Kuuga with a good subtitle. I decided to watch Kuuga because I saw on Your Blog, that you will release Kuuga from DVDrip ^_^
    Thank You so much, You make my Kamen Rider Heisei's Era complete :D

    no one force you to stop the halfway what you are watching now.
    And no one force You to watch SCS Subs.
    If You are pessimism, than don't even started to download and watch SCS sub !!!
    just be quite and watch your HK sub Kuuga !!

    urghh ungrateful people always make me angry.

  14. Big thanks again to all the people supporting us.

    To those that remain pessimistic about the future of this project:

    Although there isn't much we can do at the current moment to hopefully change your minds, I can safely say that your doubts also serve as a target for us as we aim to challenge and succeed beyond your understandably low expectations.

    Note that the above is only aimed at the pessimistic bunch, not the trolls.

    Look out for Kuuga #2, very soon...

  15. Thank you for this. The DVD and subs quality has finally gotten me very interested in this series of Kamen Rider (well that and Cooly Guy Yuusuke!).

    I look forward to seeing the rest of your releases (and hopefully maybe Agito to follow??).


  16. Thanks for the compliment on the quality.

    Unfortunately no plans for AgitĪ©. No promises made, no fans disappointed...

  17. Wow! Thanks a lot! Kuuga is the best! You guys are great