Monday, 27 July 2009

Hey! We're rolling (sorta)...

After what seemed to be ages since I actually created this blog, we're finally ready to do something.

A few things to know about our group;

*We have no schedules so do not ask, please.

*We won't throw a lot of notes on screen since most people will only need to read them once.

*Said notes will be collected in a continuously updated .pdf file located in the respective project page.

*Our releases will currently only be available in .mp4 format and will be PS3/XBox360 compatible.

*We will encode from our own DVD sources when possible at the best levels we percieve as practical.

*We're mainly located in the United Kingdom and our bandwidth isn't ideal. Because of that, it'd be appreciated if people use the DDL and help seed the torrents afterwards. Thanks.

That should be it for the major things so sit back and enjoy the ride...

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