Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Kuuga 06 released

Since the Kuuga curse is apparently broken for now, we're gonna go a bit further and give you guys a second episode release this week to celebrate that and the blog's 1,000 visitors so enjoy.

DDL : SendSpace Part1 / Part2
DDL Mirror : MegaUpload
Torrent : NyaaTorrents / TokyoToshokan

Previous Kuuga releases listed on the Project Page.

As always, it'd be preferred if you can leech the DDL then help seed the torrent.
Consider using JDownloader if you have issues with DDL.


  1. Wow, 2 days in a row :O.
    Thanks alot! :D

  2. wow! that's hella fast!! thank you so much for the subs. and happy 1000!

  3. Why not just upload to Megaupload for direct download? If your files are too big then I could provide you guys with a link weekly after I finish downloading from torrents. I really appreciate what you guys are doing by translating this and I look forward to your future releases.

  4. i think there will more than 1000 people that gonna visit this site.. you guys are awesome!!!

  5. Thnx a lot for your awesome work, guys! >-<

  6. Hey guys, just wanted to give you mad props for using the DVD video and not cutting back on the file sizes. It's so nice to see an older Hesei show, before the wide spread use of HD, that isn't artifacted to hell. Keep up the good work!

  7. Actually all of the Heisei Riders aired in HD on TV. However, there are no BluRay releases for any of the series yet, so best we can give you is DVD quality.

  8. You guys are awesome.