Monday, 27 July 2009

Kamen Rider Kuuga - Project Page

Project Information: 

Long ago, the Grongi Tribe were defeated and their leader was sealed in a cave by the warrior named Kuuga. In modern day Japan, researchers have discovered the tomb and unwittingly released the Grongi leader who, in turn revives his brethren and they begin killing humans. Godai Yusuke, a multi-talented young man is drawn to a mysterious stone belt that was also excavated from the ruins... 

Project Staff: 

Syochan : Raws, Translator, Typesetter, Post-Timer, Editor, Karaoke, Encoder, Notes, Distribution
ZERO_ninja : Raws, Pre-Timer, Editor, Encoder, Quality Checker, Notes, Distribution 
Breaker45 : Editor, Quality Checker, Notes, Distribution
cause_of_chaos : Quality Checker, Distribution

Lord & Lady Moonspeak
Skoll Sunman

Release History and Status: 

Preview Trailer (V2) - 31st August 2009
DVD 01 Extras - 4th October 2009 

#01: Revival - 6th September 2009
#10: Ferocity - 2nd November 2009 
#11: Promise - 15th November 2009
#12: Honoured Teacher - 18th November 2009 

#13 ~ 49 - pending 

Technical Information: 

Title : Masked Rider Kuuga
Japanese Title : Kamen Rider Kuuga
Genre : Tokusatsu (Special effects live-action)
Type : TV series
Episodes : 49
Date : 2000~2001
Source : R2J DVDs
Container : MP4
Video : 29.976 fps | H264 | 2000kbps | 640 x 360 (source 640 x 480 letterbox)
Audio : AAC | VBR
Subtitles : ASS Hardsub


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  2. i want 2 thank you all 4 doing this

  3. Thanks for your subs, i cant seem to find kuuga subs anywhere else after episode 4

  4. ya, tv-nihon only subbed till episode 4 n then stopped, i wonder if they stil gonna continue kuuga project or not?

  5. how about the following episodes? u've been stopping for 4 n a half months already.. are u gonna continue? thanks..

  6. great sun thank you for the series is it goin to continue??

  7. I'm making a list of KR subs. SCS seems to have stopped the Kuuga ones, but Midnight Crew seem to have done the whole series.