Sunday, 15 November 2009

Kuuga 11 released

We're still alive! Long story short, life got in the way.
Now watch us play catch up to where we should be.

DDL : SendSpace 1 2
Torrent : NyaaTorrents / TokyoToshokan

Previous Kuuga releases listed on the Project Page.

As always, it'd be preferred if you can leech the DDL then help seed the torrent.
Consider using JDownloader if you have issues with DDL.


  1. Thanks! Your hard work is much appreciated.

  2. Will Henshin For Food17 November 2009 at 09:38

    Another quality release from SCS-Works. You guys do a heck of a job with Kuuga.

  3. Thanks guys. Appreciate the hard work you've been putting so far.

    Happy Anon is happy.

  4. thanks but please put on megaupload the episodes

  5., I'm kinda having trouble on how to do this. I DDLed it since the torrents have no Seeds, but I can't extract it from the RARs using SendSpace...

    --Kaji Motomiya

  6. Megaupload please?