Monday, 31 August 2009

Kuuga Preview v2 released

While ZERO_ninja's encoding the first episode of Kuuga, we thought we'd go over the trailer again and re-release it in preparation for the actual series.

DDL : SendSpace / MegaUpload
Torrent : NyaaTorrents / TokyoToshokan

A little background for the people who can be bothered reading: The Grongi (the 'monsters' appearing in Kuuga have their own language and as such need much time wasted in deciphering their words into Japanese, and then into English). At the time of translating the trailer, it sounded like the Grongi in it was imitation Grongi i.e. Japanese phrased/worded to sound Grongi-esque. Seeing as that wasn't the case, I went back over it using the handy but confusing Grongi/Japanese chart.

Yes, it's only two spoken lines and doesn't add anything of value new so it's not necessary to get this.

As we speak, ZERO_ninja will encode and watch #1 today before distributing it via DDL to the other QCs. If all things go smoothly, a public release should be in the next few days.

Thanks again for being patient with us.

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  1. Good Luck with the series. I think the grongi stuff was translated in one of the official kuuga dvd sets. I just don't know which one. :x

    Hope that helps you guys a bit.