Wednesday, 7 October 2009

DDL Sites

After spending all of today trying to upload our files to MegaUpload with no success, due to their upload wizard failing or forgetting how much of the file was actually uploaded, it's been decided that we will stick to SendSpace for our DDLs.

If anyone wants to upload the file to other DDL sites and e-mail me the links we will list them as mirrors on the blog, but we will not upload to sites other than SendSpace ourselves.

If you do upload for us be sure to rar or zip the entire folder to upload so that the text file is still included rather than just the video and do not modify it in any way, thanks.

Edit: Special thanks to jgreat122 for the MegaUploads of Kuuga episdoes 01-07.
Special thanks to jedimb for MegaUpload of Kuuga DVD01 Extras.


  1. I could do that for you, its no problem for me to upload to Megaupload.

  2. Thanks, e-mail me the links when you have them and we'll get them added onto the blog posts.

  3. I've sent them to the e-mail. All the links are there for each episode so far so I hope this helps you guys.