Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Just a simple thanks to everyone that's been with us this year as we move into the next.

Now to answer the big question; we expect to be releasing again on the next RED EVENT of the year.

What many don't know is that SCS-W's main project, Kamen Rider Kuuga is handled by 3 main staffers (don't be fooled by the lengthy credits page!). First, there's me, Syochan (the one that moved but I'm all set up again), ZERO_ninja (who has university deadlines in January), and Breaker45 (who is abroad for the holiday period).

Because of the reasons stated above surrounding the staff, we do plan to release again once the holiday season passes so please be patient!

See you then!


  1. Awesome! Please enjoy you can be nice and rested for subbing... : )

  2. where did u go? why does every group drop kuuga?

  3. Er... wow, the internet doesn't disappoint.

    If you actually took the time to read this post that you ignorantly commented on, Anon, you would know that:

    1. We had to move home/to complete university deadlines/to go on holiday so we took a hiatus.

    2. Hiatus doesn't mean dropped and we even told you on this post when the releases would resume.

    Please at least search the post you're commenting on for answers in the future.

  4. But the holiday season is long over.

  5. "ZERO_ninja (who has university deadlines in January)"

    It's bad enough that you didn't read it before posting first time. It is worse not reading and posting a second time. Or maybe you are a different anon...

    Either way, it says "we expect to be releasing again on the next RED EVENT of the year."

  6. lol Chinese new year

  7. nice bro keep up the work.... ganbatee mina-san ....ganbate kudasai... arigato honto wa arigato..... sumimasen if i spell incorrect

  8. Honestly, could you please tell us what a Red Event is? No one knows what you're talking about, I don't think.

  9. Since some people are still unsure the next release will be around about Chinese New Year/Valentines Day as a previous anon pointed out.

  10. whatever it is, I have your word. I'll show you my two thumbs for your Kuuga upload, man! Keep up the good work!!!