Wednesday, 28 July 2010

To Clear Some Things Up

I'll try to address each point separately.

1) Kuuga is on hiatus, not dropped.

Yes, we are aware this show has been on hiatus for a long time and that we did not returned to releasing within the time we said we would. This is the very reason we have not given any more word as to a date we will return to regularly subbing Kuuga. We don't want to make a promise of returning to subtitling Kuuga and for unforseen reasons not be able to do so, it's unfair and builds peoples hopes.
We don't want to start releasing again till we can do so regularly, so until we are in a place where we can again regularly release Kuuga it will remain on hiatus. We are still working on Kuuga and some of the episodes after 12 have been timed and looked over. We will continue doing what we can with episodes we're still to subtitle until we are able to return to regular releases so that when the time comes we won't have quite as much work to do.

2) Yes, we weren't the first to sub Kuuga.
Ok, so when we picked up Kuuga it wasn't exactly untouched, TV-Nihon, Order of Zeronos and /m/subs had all released episodes of Kuuga. Now to clarify, /m/subs have never got into contact with either myself or Syochan and did not offer to help. I am in no way getting at /m/subs in saying this, I actually quite like their subtitles for old mech shows, I just want to clarify that we received no word from /m/subs. We have nothing against /m/subs, Order of Zeronos or TV-Nihon and they all subtitled episodes of Kuuga before we had started.
We chose to start Kuuga from episode 1 because we wanted to subtitle it the way we prefer, we have nothing against the groups that subtitled Kuuga before us or how they chose to subtitle the show but it was not how we planned to subtitle Kuuga and we personally were committing ourselves to fully subbing Kuuga. We did not want to ask people to visit other subtitle groups to watch some episodes we haven't done. Though to clarify, this does not mean we are telling anyone to not watch their subtitles.

3) New groups are subbing Kuuga.
Ok, so Midnight Crew Subs have picked up Kuuga and are doing it at a fast pace plus there is another group that also planned to subtitle Kuuga (though in light of MCS picking it up I am unsure if they still plan to do so). We have no issue with this, we don't feel it in any way infringes upon what we're doing and anyone who wants more Kuuga now can easily go watch their subtitles.
We're not planning to joint with them, they have not asked us and we don't plan to ask them. We have no ill will against them and I wish them all the best in subbing Kuuga, but there is no reason for us to work together purely because we're subtitling the same series. We have different approaches and trying to have 2 groups with very different approaches work together will require compromise on both sides and may lead to arguments/drama.

4) None of us own Kuuga.
We don't own Kuuga, therefore we have no right nor reason to complain about MCS or anyone else subtitling the series. MCS did not ask our permission to subtitle this series and they have no reason to do so. We have nothing against them and they clearly have nothing against us considering they recommended people come to us for episodes 1-12 until they finish the series and then go back to subtitle the first 12 episodes.
The other group (who have yet to release an episode of Kuuga as far as I'm aware) did come to us over IRC and ask if we had any problems with them picking the series up. I replied with much the same as I have said above, that we don't own Kuuga and while we've not dropped the project there is no reason they can't also subtitle it.

5) Stop trolling or insulting any of the groups.
We worked to subtitle 12 episodes of Kuuga and are still committed to doing the same with the other 37 episodes. Subtitling is not fun surprisingly, I'm not saying it can't be enjoyed, but it does actually involve work and effort. No group needs to labour over giving you something for free only to be insulted. MCS are not asking you to have a go at us and we definitively are not asking you to have a go at them. Appreciate what you get, we are perfectly fine with constructive criticism and are well aware that there are plenty of people who appreciate the work we have done. However, this is not true of everyone and the internet is filled with people who will choose to attack us because we subtitled 12 episodes of Kuuga and offered them to people with no real benefit to ourselves, then stopped for a while to sort out our lives outside of the internet. Some people will read this and take it on board, others won't care. But I say it for the sake of the few who will take it on board and to make clear we're not asking anyone to have a go at MCS for any reason.


  1. Abigail from MCS here.

    Honestly, I was just reading a /m/ thread today when this was brought to my attention.

    We at MCS have nothing against SCS at all. It's just trolls being trolls and all that.

    On the note of joining up, we didn't come to you because we're fine with our little three man band.

    That might change once members need to head back to college, but until then we're happy with what we've got.

    Now, the constant Speed-sub/HK cleaner jabs annoyed me somewhat, but I can see where you misconstrued my words.

    As people have brought up, we only use the HK for timing, everything else is translated from Japanese.

    tl;dr Trolls blowing shit out of proportion. You keep doing what you do and we'll keep doing what we do.

    We wish you all the best.

  2. Also, if I may, I'd like to point out something to all the people bitching about how "slow" SCS is.

    If you'd be so kind as to look at the top of the page you'd see right below SCS-Works, it says, and I quote - "Taking our time".


  3. I look forward to seeing episode 13 released in early 2011

    MCS will probably have done it all by then, haha

  4. @the guy who posted above me.

    Just stop. There's no point in starting subdrama. We at MCS have been linking SCS every time someone asked for 1-12 subs and we've watched them ourselves.

  5. Thanks for turning up here and posting, guys.

    I'm sorry about the jabs, they did get out of hand but some of these trolls... *sigh*

    I hate to be an unfair nazi but I'm gonna have to either start deleting half of these comments or disable them altogether at this rate.

  6. Hey there! Great to see people from both SCS and MCS talking sense!

    It bugs me when tokusatsu fans start hating on groups whose subs they don't like... as if someone's forcing ppl to d/l them...

    Sometimes it's not even the subs, like when folks decide they hate some group for being too big, too obscure, too fast, too slow, too snobby, not snobby enough... et cetera... so boring, so pointless!

    My only problem with multiple groups doing a show is deciding which one to archive! It usually comes down to some tiny, personal thing (like Philip or Philippe in W or Double, lol!!) to decide it...

    BUT, unlike those of the troll species, I'm not daft enough to think my personal preferences are a big deal that everyone should agree with.

    So peace to y'all!

    And Syochan, I think you should leave it all be... as annoying as it is, to ditch the trolls you'd have to ditch the rest of us, and... well... we *like* you guys, dammit!

    Just my personal view, no need to take it seriously...

  7. Ha! Figured that you folks were just on hiatus! Take as much time as you need, at least i'll be waiting patiently.

  8. Hello! I just made a long list of toku fansubs on a popular site and added yours to it! Just letting you know :)